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SPINAL STRETCH Portable Back Pain Relief

I have to say I was very impressed when I opened the box. The booklet is a great “Quick Start” guide, while the DVD gives a more in depth look at how to use the product. The carrying bag is a nice touch and, unlike some other products, this Spinal Stretch fits nicely and neatly bag into the bag.

Setup was a breeze! My master bedroom is carpeted and I had plenty of room to setup the device and lay down. I do wish that I had a TV or some other entertainment (reclined is not the best way to read book), but it is only 15 minutes after all.

I was in a minor car accident over 10 years ago and have suffered minor back pain ever since. My pregnancy with my 2nd child made the pain even more regular of an occurrence. For the last year I’ve been going to a chiropractor once a week just to keep the pain at a low enough level not to need pain medication.

The Spinal Stretch isn’t going to replace my weekly chiropractor visits. However, for those between visits times that my back acts up, it is very easy to set up the device and just stretch out for 15 minutes. It also gives me a nice break from work.

If you suffer from regular lower back pain, give the Spinal Stretch a go. Around the house or even on a trip, the Spinal Stretch makes sure I can make it to my next Chiropractor appointment.

Spinal Stretch relieves low back pain in just minutes a day. Spinal Stretch uses a safe and powerful therapeutic technique known as Spinal Decompression. By gently stretching the spine, Spinal Stretch relieves pressure on nerves and rehydrates spinal discs. Featuring a compact and lightweight design, Spinal Stretch is easy to use and can be tucked inside a bag or suitcase for travel or work. As long as you have a door, a nonslip floor (carpet or rug), and 15 minutes to spare, low back pain relief is within easy reach.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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