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Domenick’s Pizzeria in Cedar Park, TX (Austin)

When you first walk into Domenick’s Pizzeria, you are struck first by how stark and kind of boring the place looks. There’s not much there really. It appears to be family-owned though which I absolutely love. Domenick himself came out to talk to us briefly and ask how we were doing. A very nice lady, whom I believe to be his wife, took our order and served us. They were both such super nice folks. For that reason alone, I would definitely return. I can see if we lived really close, it would become a family tradition pretty quickly.

The pizza was really good. Large slices, not too greasy, crisp crust. Very good. We didn’t try anything else on this trip, but my kids loved their pepperoni pizza.

My problem, and the reason it loses a whole two stars, is that Domenick committed what I deem to be the single largest sin in pizza. He put jarred mushrooms on my pizza. Yes, you heard that correctly. Mushrooms from a JAR. This is so not okay. Jarred mushrooms should be outlawed all together, but to put them on a pizza is downright insulting to the pizza and the pizza maker. What would have been a really great “everything on it” pizza turned into an “eh” pizza. Pizza really truly needs fresh mushrooms.

I consider myself a mushroom freak and pizza simply isn’t pizza without some of that wonderful fungus on it. If I return, I would have to say “hold the mushrooms” which would break my heart.

Recommended, just don’t order the mushrooms. They do keep the jars in the kitchen, so I didn’t have to look at those poor mistreated mushrooms.

Domenick’s Pizzeria
1540 Cypress Creek Rd # 110
Cedar Park, TX 78613
(512) 250-0200

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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