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Bloody Mary (Jack Daniels Mysteries #2) by J. A. Konrath

I had high hopes for Bloody Mary but I fear it has the “curse of book two” (see my previous post). I loved the first book and was amazed at such a great job the author did. Let me say that I didn’t hate it, but I was expecting a bit more from it. The storyline was great, but it was SO obvious from the start who the murderer was. I was thinking there was surely going to be a twist or something.

Where it left me all together was Jack’s personal life. I felt like we didn’t get to see her character develop as much as we should have been able to and we didn’t get to see her life progress as much as it should. The mom moving was odd, the suitor even more so. I’m hoping, based on what I’ve been told, that the 3rd book will be much better. I sure hope so, it’s already waiting on me to read it in the next little bit.

Where the book redeems itself is in the author’s writing. Mr. Konrath is a true artist. For that reason alone, don’t let me sway you from reading this one if you enjoyed Whiskey Sour (and do read that!). I have faith that book 3 is going to be a little more mysterious and we’ll get to see Jack moving forward again.

A definite read for those that enjoy this genre.

Start with a tough but vulnerable Chicago cop. Stir in a psychopath with a unique mental condition that programs him to kill. Add a hyperactive cat, an ailing mother, a jealous boyfriend, a high-maintenance ex-husband, and a partner in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Mix with equal parts humor and suspense, and enjoy Bloody Mary.

When Jack receives a report of an excess of body parts appearing at the Cook County Morgue, she hopes it’s only a miscount. It’s not. Even worse, these extra limbs seem to be accessorized with Jack’s handcuffs.

Someone has plans for Jack. Very bad plans. Plans that involve everything and everyone that she cares about.

Jack must put her train wreck of a personal life on hold to catch an elusive, brilliant maniac – a maniac for whom getting caught is only the beginning…

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Book count for 2010: 59

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  1. Carol Mikel 23 August 2010 at 10:47 am Permalink

    The 3rd book is better. I’ve read all of the series that is out and enjoyed it very much. Can’t wait for the next one!

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