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Atlantis Plumbing in Cedar Park (Austin, TX)

Nothing will freak you out more than if you turn on your oven and 10 minutes later smell gas. This is what happened to us on a Sunday evening. I frantically searched for a gas plumber and found Atlantis highly recommended on Google. Good enough for me. I called and someone answered. I KNOW. I was shocked too. He got me to stop freaking out and went through a few things to make sure he didn’t need to come out right away. Two very nice gentlemen showed up the next morning and got to work on it.

It was some part in there that wasn’t activating or something. Bottom line is that to fix it wouldn’t have been cost effective. Crap, I just put tires on my car and my husband is a school teacher (substitute for now) so there’s no funds coming in during the Summer. Totally not cool, but I could have reached into the savings and dealt with it.

But the guy said, “ya know, if you need something to just get you through, I think I have an old stove that was mine. I replaced it with a new model, but you’re welcome to it. It’s not fancy…” Are you KIDDING ME? Yes, please, because I really have a specific stove we want but we’d have to not get the nice one and get a new plain one and save up even more… they went away and came back a few hours later with a used stove and installed it. AND they only charged me their labor cost. I’m not kidding. I was darn near tears. There are so few people that go out of their way these days and Atlantis Plumbing simply made my week.

Very highly recommended.

Atlantis Plumbing is owned and operated by a master plumber with over 20 years of experience fully licensed by the Texas Sate Board of Plumbing Examiners and serving all of Austin. When you call Atlantis Plumbing, you can be assured that you’ll be treated the way you treat others: with respect and honesty. Our customers have come to expect no less and they receive no less. We are recognized by both peers and customers as leaders in our field, and it reflects well on us that most of our business comes from previous customers. All our techs are certified and have many years of expertise in their field, which means that when we say we will get the job done, you can be assured it will be done promptly, courteously, thoroughly, and at a very reasonable price.

Rating: ★★★★★

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