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The Merry-Go-Round by Donna Fasano

This book opens in a very unconventional way. I read some of this of this genre (chicklit) and it can be kind of overly formulaic, but I was surprised and intrigued from the get go, I didn’t yawn once *laughing*. The book held my attention throughout, but it is a bit predictable. I guess that’s the downfall of this genre, it rarely surprises me. HOWEVER, I did like the way it unfolded. The story moved along quickly and interestingly. The merry-go-round was a nice backdrop/side story that I thought was pretty genius to include.

The writing itself flowed well. I found a few grammatical mistakes (lift instead of life, and a few of/if/is/it type of things) in my copy, but nothing that distracted too much from the writing. Nothing too horrible and the story doesn’t suffer from it.

I also liked that the characters felt true, flaws and all. I loved that the male wasn’t all the bad guy. In this genre, it can sometimes get overwhelming with the “boys are bad” mentality. I loved the unfolding of events and realizations of the characters.

Overall, this is a great book if you like contemporary romance without all the throbbing bosoms etc. A great little weekend read!

When Lauren goes to court it’s usually to defend a client, but now she’s divorcing the man whose mistakes have cost her far too much. Little does she know that she’ll be awarded a rundown merry-go-round. Maybe restoring the circus menagerie will bring her some normalcy. Or will it spin her in circles and teach her a few lessons before bringing her back to where she started? One thing is certain; Lauren will discover that, when she’s willing to open her heart to love and forgiveness, life never fails to offer a wild ride.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2010: 49

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