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ShapeShifter — The Demo Tapes : Year 2 by Susan Helene Gottfried

I first ran into ShapeShifter, the fictional band, three or 4 years ago at a blog called The Meet & Greet. It was a cute blog by a writer and she was telling us little side stories as well as some times outtakes from her writing that didn’t make the cut. It was fun, allowing us to glimpse into the characters of the book she was writing as well as watch these kids grow up from friends, to garage band to super duper famous and all that trappings that come along with that. The book she was writing was Trevor’s Song – and one day soon I’m told we’ll get to read that book! Yay!

In the meantime the author, Susan, has released a couple of small books. They are compilations from the best of the best of the blog postings. This is the second of such books. It was neat to have them all set down in one place and even neater that she gave a little intro to each one telling us how it came about. It’s great fun to follow a band (and their screaming, sometimes shirtless, fans) through her writing and writing style.

I’m kind of a Trevor groupie and I can’t wait for the finished product, but… even if you just read this book, you’ll be happy with it. It’s like little mini short stories while making of a rock band. Give it a shot!

The Demo Tapes: Year 1 introduced the reading public to ShapeShifter and the two men behind this fictional band: Trevor Wolff and Mitchell Voss. The Demo Tapes: Year 2 brings you more of the short fiction that brings these people to vivid life. Year 2 delves more deeply into love, friendships, and the inside workings of ShapeShifter. New faces have arrived as the band tours and climbs the ladder of success, but most of all, Year 2 puts you square in the lives of Mitchell and Trevor, just where you like to be. Vive la Trevolution!

Rating: ★★★★★

Book count for 2010: 53

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  1. Susan Helene Gottfried 26 July 2010 at 7:04 pm Permalink

    Aww, shucks. You’re making me blush.

    Demo Tapes 3 is in the works, you know! So’s the follow-up to Trevor’s Song. Stay tuned!
    Susan Helene Gottfried´s last blog post ..DMH Fiction- Ysabella

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