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Sanford Expo Neon Markers & Magnetic Dry Erase Black Board Combo Pack

I have 2 children that can be pretty forgetful. I’ve tried a reminder board in the past, but the messages never really got their attention. I decided to try one more time with the EXPO NEON Markers and Black Board combo.

So far, so good! We’ve been using the set as a reminding tool. I leave messages for the kids, and they leave checkmarks as a response when the task is done. Music practice? Check! Pets fed? Check! Rooms clean? (Ok, this one gets “forgotten” still, but we are working on it).

As an added plus, the markers are bright enough that the kids can leave me a reminder back, and I’ll see it when I’m walking by. (Trip to my friend house tonight? Umm…did I approve that? haha)

Ok, that said, here are my issues with the product (hence the 3 stars):

1.) Packaging: The markers dented the board during shipping. I was hoping it would smooth back out, but it never did.
2.) Lack of eraser: It would be nice if the markers had those little felt erasers on the end.
3.) Non-magnetic markers: We are already missing one marker. The board is magnetic, the markers aren’t. The board comes with 2 magnetic strips, but these don’t stay stuck to the rounded body of the marker.
4.) A hanging hook would be nice on the back. I really don’t like the idea of using the included double-sticking tape on my wall.
5.) The markers DO work on a regular white board. They just do not show up very well. The exception being the pink marker. (Which is now missing)
6.) The board size is just a bit too small. If it was 50% bigger in both dimensions it would be a LOT more useful.

That said, the board is working well for us so far. While the above issues may seem to add up to quite a lot of problems, no one of them is really a deal breaker in and of itself. If you need a small messaging center that is kid friendly, give this one a chance.

Introducing a new and vivid array of dry erase markers from America’s favorite dry erase brand, Expo. Expo Neon markers can be used on both black and white dry erase surfaces and the brilliant ink colors are visible from a distance. The low odor ink is ideal for use in both the classroom and the kitchen.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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  1. Susan Helene Gottfried 12 July 2010 at 2:50 pm Permalink

    Hmm. You’re tempting me to get one. I could really use something like that around here.
    Susan Helene Gottfried´s last blog post ..Mail Call- Joshilyn rules

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