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Libra Fitness, Personal Trainer in Austin, TX

I am quite a bit overweight (understatement perhaps) and I’ve done the personal training thing before, but I have to tell you, I don’t respond well to drill sergeants – I’m too Type A. I ran across Libra Fitness (Chris Heidel) and thought she seemed like she might go easy on me…. *laugh*

I’ve been working with her for well over a year now and the results have been pretty remarkable. I haven’t lost any real weight, but that’s always been a secondary goal of mine. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to stop having so many backaches. I wanted to be able to walk around the block without huffing and puffing. I wanted to feel stronger and I wanted to feel better about myself. I’ve accomplished that and so much more.

Chris is definitely not “easy” on me by any means, but she also doesn’t push you beyond your own limits. When I tell her that I cannot do it anymore, she tells me “okay, after two more” there’s no heavy sweating and crying and dry heaving here. Her personal touch and the research and care she puts into each of her clients is simply amazing for what she charges (don’t tell her I said that though!!)

She has a home gym located in North Central Austin, and it’s quite impressive. There’s quite a few pieces of equipment, but it’s not so overwhelming. I didn’t walk in there like I would another one and want to run screaming from the room. Chris takes it slow, shows you what you are doing, tells you when you are losing form and prods you along. The gym itself is completely isolated from the rest of the house. A few times her husband or child has been home and I didn’t even know it, you walk straight back and close the door/curtains and you’re off.

I’m impressed by how far out she will go for clients. She has mirrors so you can see what you’re doing but one of her clients didn’t like them. The next time I was there, she had installed curtains so people could choose.

The payoff came earlier this year when, during a trip with my family to San Antonio, I realized I had walked all over the Riverwalk and Zoo and didn’t feel like I wanted to keel over. That’s pretty darn good progress!

Chris’ best attribute is her sense of humor though. Yes, she’s there to help you get healthy and attain your own personal goals – no matter if it’s to lose 30 pounds or to be able to walk around downtown. But she does it with good humor and really big heart.

I simply cannot recommend Libra Fitness enough (and I do it often!)

Description from website:
Libra Fitness is not just about breaking a sweat or getting into that size 8 dress for your high school reunion. It’s about living a long, happy, and well-balanced life. It’s about wanting to set the best example you can for your children and grandchildren. It’s about seriously analyzing the long-term consequences of the short-term choices you make and deciding to commit to making a real lifestyle change, one step at a time.

Libra Fitness, unlike commercial gyms, provides a more personal experience in a non-threatening, quiet, and caring in-home environment. No one else is watching here. You work one-on-one with your personal trainer who is solely focused on you. Your trainer will listen and provide you with the encouragement, mentoring, and motivation you need to do what may have been difficult in the past. We put our expertise to work to help you learn healthy eating and exercise habits that are reasonable and sustainable. At the same time, we encourage you to find those other elements (spiritual practice, free time, relationships with quality health professionals, social networks, etc.) that complement our services to really create the life you want.

Rating: ★★★★★

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