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Her Very Special Robot by Ann Jacobs (Short Story / Erotica)

This wasn’t bad as far as short story erotica goes, but maybe the author could have left out one sex scene and develop the characters just a little bit more. It opens with the main characters being all hot for each other and spends too much time thinking (and later doing) the horizontal hustle and not enough time telling us about who they are.

There was some character development, don’t get me wrong and I think the back story could have been fleshed out. Maybe drop the whole robot thing. Okay, maybe that changes the whole book, I dunno, but this could have been a great story (yes, it’s been done before, I know, thus the robot thing).

The writing isn’t horrible either, it felt a little stilted at times, but for erotica, it didn’t suck – and at the time I “purchased” it, it was free, so hey…

Trace, a movie stuntman, will do anything-anything at all-for his best friend-s widow. He sets out to give Allie what she asked for, a vacation at the House of a Thousand Pleasures, complete with a very lifelike robot who is going to make her wildest sexual dreams come true. Allie soon learns the robot is really Trace. He-s on a mission-to make Allie love him enough to overlook the fact he-s in the same business that killed her husband, and take him on for more than a few days of pure sexual pleasure.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Book count for 2010: 50

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