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Portal (Portal Chronicles Book 1) by Imogen Rose

So many times when I read an independent author, the main thing that sticks out to me is that the author didn’t have their work edited properly. I would lay dollars to doughnuts that this particular author did. I’m sure there’s some grammar issues or something, but it obviously wasn’t glaring because I did not notice anything. Hats off to the author for a well-written polished end product. Lately, I’ve read some real dogs in the Indie world, so this was a fabulous change of pace just at the right time.

The story is slow to start but it eventually pulls you in and doesn’t let you go. At some point, I was so frustrated by a Science point (more on that in a minute) that I really wanted to put it down, but I was too busy wondering what was going to happen with Arizona that I just couldn’t put it down. I’m really glad that I didn’t because I would have missed on a really great storyline!

My one problem with this book, and I’m still giving it five stars because I have faith the author is going to explain it in subsequent books is that the mother doesn’t seem to age. I don’t want to give away too much, but every time travel book I’ve read the people still age. I’m a little disturbed by the whole thing. Maybe she did age, but it didn’t seem like anyone noticed. Hmmm…

I’ve seen people say “If you liked Twilight…” No. I won’t say this book is better than Twilight, but it’s different, the writing is a little more mature, there’s some young love in it, but not once did I want them to knock it off already and get on with the story. It’s a little less angsty. I think to compare it to Twilight is doing it a disservice. (nevermind that there aren’t any vampires).

Give it a read if you like YA fiction and a little bit of time travel / science fiction. I’m not a big SciFi fan, but this was well done!

UPDATE: The author actually emailed me to explain the time difference. I get confused easily, I suppose. I’m still not 100% sure, but at least I feel like I “get it” more now 🙂 Thanks to Imogen for taking the time!

Come find me two years ago…. Six words that propelled ice hockey playing tomboy, Arizona, into an alternate dimension. In one moment, she went from being a varsity hockey player in New Jersey to a glamorous cheerleader in California. She found herself with a new dad. She found herself in a new life. One that she had apparently lived in always. Everyone knew her as Arizona Darley, but she wasn’t. She was Arizona Stevens. She knew she had to find her way back to her real life. Then she met Kellan….

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2010: 44

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