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DLO GameCase Boost for iPod touch 2G, 3G

When I first got my iPod Touch the very first thing I did was download some games for the kids. Most of these games were simple “point and click” affairs and the iPod Touch seems to be designed really well for this. My husband, however, added a few titles of his own. Namely some first-person shooters after hearing how great the graphics could be on the Touch.

The graphics did look great! There was only one problem, the games were basically unplayable due to the slimness of the iPod. After just a few minutes my husbands $10 was basically flushed down the toilet. His hands cramped rapidly while trying to use the onscreen controls.

Luckily we found the DLO GameCase Boost. Installation was a breeze and in just a minute or two my husband was giving those games another try. The GameCase Boost makes the iPod Touch feel more like a standard game controller. He was able to firmly grasp the iPod and get good control of his games at the same time.

That said, all is not rosy in the world with the GameCase. Here are a couple of problems we had:

1.) Once installed, the case covers up the charging port on the iPod Touch. You must remove the case in order to plug it in.
2.) The headphone port is very deep. If you are using anything but a straight jacked set of headphones, prepare to have problems.
3.) The unit is not rechargeable. Also, the batteries are located underneath the iPod.
4.) You sacrifice portability. This case is BIG.

Overall, I’d say this is definitely worth buying if you have trouble holding the iPod Touch while playing games. However, be ready to pop your iPod Touch back into another case when you are using it for other activities (such as listening to music).

Battery game case for iPod Touch that provides additional battery life even when not close to an outlet. Comes with 2 AA batteries that can be replaced for additional battery life. Game case is contoured for ease of use during gaming and also stands for hands free viewing.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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