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Carpool Diem by Nancy Star

This book didn’t promise anything deep and recently I really needed something NOT deep. I will admit that the title pulled me, it is such a cute clever little title. I find myself sometimes not only judging books by their cover/title, but also pitting them against books that aren’t even in the same genre. This one was really cute for what it was. I felt there were some holes in the story line, things would change without too much explanation (especially with her husband, I felt like we didn’t see enough of him when she first lost her job – how did that conversation go? Also with some other parts with him). The writing was pretty good though, overall – it was quirky and fun. I laughed out loud a few times when the author was realizing how little she knows about what goes on in her own house, I could have easily interjected myself there at times around my own home!

I liked the weaving of her life and the soccer bulletins along with the soccer culture and home life. The author did a good job of making me smile several times. “Oh, he’s THAT coach” – cuz you know anyone that’s had a kid in sports knows just who THAT coach is!

Well worth a weekend read or when you just need something to read that’s a little on the lighter side.

Annie Fleming’s family has always adjusted well to her hard driving career. How could they not? Annie keeps them in line at home with typed, edited, and proofed to-do and not-to-do lists for her husband, her babysitter, and her daughter. (No TV on a school night, please!) But when an obnoxious co-worker conspires to force Annie out of her job, she finds herself out of work and face-to-face with her family, who, it turns out, isn’t quite as well-adjusted as Annie thought. Husband Tim doesn’t have near the follow-through that Annie does (ordered to downsize his employees, he can’t fire anybody!) And daughter Charlotte doesn’t even try to make the local soccer team – a cut-throat, take-no-prisoners system run by Winslow West, a man who dreams of the Olympic gold his young charges will someday win for him.
Here Annie is unemployed and Charlotte’s the one with the quitting attitude? Annie doesn’t think so. She’s determined to get Charlotte on the A team, but finds that the soccer sidelines are more cutthroat than a boardroom ever was.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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