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Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller

If you have kids that need to attach things to poster board, this is the tool for you! In the past we have tried glue sticks but they just don’t work all that well. Elmer’s glue is just too messy (and can turn a nice looking paper into a water wrinkled mess!)

We have tried glue dots in the past. However, they always stuck more to our fingers than to the paper. I basically had to do all the work as my children (now 7 and 9) just did not have the agility to get the dot off their finger AND onto the page. More often than not it ended up on another finger or on the wrong side of the picture to be pasted.

The dot roller fixes this problem once and for all. The dots go on, you press the picture down, and you are done! My husband is going to see about getting some of these for his classroom!

The Scotch® Adhesive Dot Roller is ideal for all kinds of home, office and school projects, such as making presentations and creating charts. The permanent, photo safe, dotted adhesive can be applied straight or in curves, precisely and smoothly, all the way to the end of the roll. It is neater than glue with no messy stringing. Refilling is fast and easy – no threading required.

Rating: ★★★★★

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