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Mead RediSpace Transitional NoteBook Paper, Stage 4

My husband is a teacher and one of the things that drives him crazy the most is how bad children’s handwriting has become. That is not to say that his is the best, but at least you can tell where one letter ends and the next begins. Most of the kids he works with have handwriting where letters and even words run into each other making already messy handwriting almost indecipherable.

Enter Mead RediSpace Transitional NoteBook Paper. While we can’t afford to have this on-hand for every student, we have introduced it to our own 9 year old. The difference was amazing and instant. While the “Go” and “Stop” markings help a little the big difference comes from the light “tick” marks evenly spaced on every line. This tells our son where to end his letter and begin the next one. He knows to leave a space for the next word. His handwriting has greatly improved. We’ll definitely be sticking with this notebook paper until it becomes natural for him.

Developed to ease the child’s transition from primary, dotted-line paper to wide-ruled notebook paper. This paper features extra visual cues that will help children recognize left and right margins, control letter size and master letter and word spacing. Notebook format that is glued and taped on the left side for easy clean sheet removal.

Rating: ★★★★★


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  1. Jessica 24 February 2011 at 11:51 am Permalink

    I love this paper as well. My son has special needs and this is helping with the writing issues. Walmart sells this product for $2.99. Atleast they do at my local Walmart. I was looking for this online and I can not believe some places want up to $14 or more for the exact same product.

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