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Dual LCD Monitor Stand Desk Clamp

A couple of years ago, I went “dual”. Oh, what a glorious day that was! I now have two 22″ monitors and I pretty much can’t work without them. I need that extra space, it truly does increase my productivity around 20% or so. I get so much more done than I ever did before.

The problem I ran into is that the monitor bases were pretty squat and I found myself looking “down” at the monitors instead of straight ahead. They also took up valuable desk real estate as I tend to have a lot of random junk on my desk.

I went in search of a solution and found several things, but this seemed to be the best bet to not only raise the monitors and give me more desk space, but to also be able to adjust them as needed. I will admit that when this came in the mail, I was hesitant that it was going to support these monitors, but it came together pretty quickly and it works great.

I love that I now have a taller clearance under the monitors, gained more space and no longer have to strain to see the monitor. The best part is that I’m able to arrange them how I like. I prefer my monitors slightly tilted in towards each other and these are highly adjustable. I will say that if you have your desk too close to a wall, this won’t work. I’ve always had mine pulled back a little bit so it’s a non issue, but if you do, note you’ll need to be willing to pull back a bit.

Technical Details
* Holds up to 22 inch lcd wide screen monitors
* Fully adjustable
* Easy to install Desk clamp
* Vesa compatible

Rating: ★★★★★

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