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DJ Hero Bundle with Turntable for Xbox360

My husband loves Guitar Hero. He has 4 of the GH games both for Xbox and Wii. He loves the feel of the guitar and the way you really get into the music. It’s almost like being up on stage.

He just doesn’t get that feel from DJ Hero. He says it is a fun enough game, but either a.) gets boring repeating the same tracks (He likes to play the ones from artists he knows ) or b.) gets very tough at higher difficulty levels, even more so than the Guitar Hero games.

Overall, if you’ve wanted to be a DJ, then give this a shot. However if you want more of a “in the band” feel, go for Guitar Hero or one of the other band games.

The makers of Guitar Hero introduce an entirely fresh and innovative way to experience music and rhythm gameplay. DJ Hero features an amazing variety of music across genres – tracks that you love and reflect who you are. Using an authentic turntable controller, you will spin and scratch more than 100 songs into unique mixes and become the life of the party. Get ready for a whole new phenomena in music.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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