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Cheddar’s Restaurant on 183 in Austin TX

Good food, but you’ll need a hearing check after dining in. I asked my husband to write this up because I was too busy trying to get the taste of their supposed chicken caesar salad out of my mouth.

My wife and I recently had lunch at Cheddars. The kids were both at school and we thought it would be nice to get out of the house and chat over a meal. We’d eaten at Cheddar’s a few years before, but for one reason or another had not gone back. I think now we remember why.

The inside of Cheddar’s is a cavernous space with high ceilings and very few dividing walls. Add in a lot of closely packed tables and you get a lot of noise. We enjoyed out lunch quietly. By that I mean that it wasn’t worth screaming across the table to each other in order to be heard. The experience was much more akin to an elementary cafeteria than a restaurant. Too bad the food wasn’t much better.

Maybe we’ll try it again after a night-time movie when there is guaranteed to be fewer people and another chef. I know we won’t be going back there during the lunch or dinner crowd.

From the company website:
Cheddar’s began as a simple idea. Our founders, Aubrey Good and Doug Rogers envisioned an inviting neighborhood restaurant offering handmade, high quality food at a reasonable price. They wanted their guests to feel valued and respected. And they were determined to never compromise these fundamentals.

Their dream became a reality in 1979 when the first Cheddar’s opened its doors in Arlington, Texas, starting a tradition of quality that guides us every day. We’re especially proud of our menu, including homemade favorites that are still prepared the same way, in-house and from scratch. We are also proud of our great team. They are attentive and dedicated to taking care of our guests each and every day.

At Cheddar’s, our goal is to live up to that original, simple idea: be a great restaurant that serves quality food fresh from the kitchen in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere at a fair price.

Visit Cheddar’s and let us share with you our simple idea.

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

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  1. Barbara 15 July 2010 at 4:16 pm Permalink

    We did, too stopped by to eat something at lunch time a couple of months ago…and our experience was horrible: really loud, the booth where we were sitting was dirty and sticky and I think we had something (tortilla chips? )that was the dictionary definition of stale. The food did not kill us of course, but I remember telling my husband to cross that place out of our eating route forever.

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