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Tempest Evo Enthusiast Steel Tower

5 years ago I bought my husband an Antech LAN Boy case. Brushed aluminum, nifty little tool case: he loved that case. But over the years it got more and more crowded. And noisy! And hot! He likes to run SLI mode on his video cards and this little case just was not made for that.
So I got him the Tempest Evo. Though he moaned a bit, he is now really happy that he got this case. Though it is still noisy (hence the 4 stars), his video card temperatures have dropped a full 10 degrees when running at max load.
He also likes the external SATA port and the way that the external jacks are located on top of the case. On his old case he had to leave the door open all the time. I’m really surprised that between 2 dogs, 2 young children, and himself that the door is still attached.
Here is what he likes about the EVO:
Black inside and out
Rugged construction
A TON of fans
Lots of room to expand

Here is what he doesn’t like:
Loud (but not as loud as some cases)
Some plastic pieces inside
Hard drive mounting system not optimal

So it was definitely a nice upgrade for him! And he can still visit his old LAN boy case, it is now housing our son’s computer (so a nice upgrade for him as well!)

The Tempest EVO puts a premium on expandability with E-ATX support allowing for compatibility with higher end graphics cards, power supplies and server boards while the server-like HDD space holds up to 8 HDDs ensuring that enthusiasts can make significant upgrades to their system without having to replace the chassis. Installation and upgrades are a breeze with pre-drilled cable routing on the motherboard allowing for a cleaner look and improved airflow. The case also features added space behind the motherboard panel from a punched side panel design that allows for easy heatsink removal. Tempest EVO is well equipped for overclocking and watercooling enthusiasts with predrilled watercooling tube access and support for a dual 120mm radiator at the top panel.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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