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Reale’s Pizza & Café in Austin, TX

We’ve been here twice in the past six months. The first visit was in August or so. My husband and I noticed it in a strip mall and decided to give it a shot for lunch. There’s not a lot of Italian places up this way and we really like Italian (and detest Olive Garden), so we were hopeful, but guarded. There was a steady stream of people and it looked okay, so in we went.

The hostess was very nice. The decor in the restaurant is a little hokey. Our server, though, was awful. She was too busy talking to the regulars and chit-chatting that we felt completely ignored, or in her way. The breadsticks we got were limp and overly buttered. My husband got a stromboli, which he said was pretty good and I got Mediterranean pizza that was to DIE for. The crust. OMG. It still wasn’t enough though to make up for the lackluster service and bottom of the barrel breadsticks.

We waited but decided to go back, give them another try. Maybe it was an off night, right? This time, we decided to hit them up for dinner and bring the kids (who will go anywhere as long as there is pizza). The kids had pepperoni pizza (shocker) and completely loved it. They raved about it. I had cannoli and the husband had a spicy shrimp dish. The service was absolutely wonderful, the breadsticks were done perfectly, and we all felt very comfortable and happy.

We kind of want to go back there for lunch again, but I’m wondering if this is one of those places where you basically have to be a regular to be noticed at lunch, or if we had some fluke the first time. This place could easily sift into our regular rotation and probably will. Well worth a visit, I don’t know how “authentic” it is as I’ve never been to Italy, but the food is really good. The pizza is amazing!

From their website:
Our family appreciates all our customers, from long time friends, to our first time customers. That’s why we call it “Your Home Away Rome”.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Barbara 15 July 2010 at 4:26 pm Permalink

    I went to this place once….and I know perfectly how pizza is made in Italy…I can assure you this is the closest to italian pizza I ever had! The service was slow and the forgot 2 pizzas for my children…I mean totally forgot the order but they brought them in the end (we put them in boxes and brought them home) and gave the kids free dessert to forgive them : They were really nice and friendly. I definetely will go back in fact I am looking forward to it!

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