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Logitech Wii Wireless Guitar

I love Guitar Hero. Candy, however, does not love the click-clack that comes from me pushing the buttons and hitting the strum bar. While the price for the guitar is high, if your loved one enjoys playing and you enjoy the music but not the clicky-clack noise, this might be the answer.

This guitar feels very similar to my real electric guitar. The weight is right and putting the star power button where the pickup would be was just genius. The buttons are smooth and quiet. I think the guitar has even improved my game a bit!

The only downside is that because the frets are marked just a like a real guitar, they take some getting used to. People used to the Guitar Hero standard controllers might feel that the neck is a little rough.

Overall, I love it!

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star. Play on Guitar or Expand to a Band.

Another Saturday night means another chance to flex your Star Power. Your band members are all there, and the house lights are low. You can practically hear the whistles and cheers from the sold-out crowd, as fans grow impatient waiting for you to take the stage. You’ve been here before, but this time it’s different. The bar is set higher, and there’s more at stake. The butterflies in your belly are real. Suddenly, this doesn’t feel like a game anymore. Then you step into the spotlight. You nail that first riff, and you’re lost in the music. Your fingering is spot-on, and your timing is flawless. When it’s your turn to take center-stage, it’s you and your Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller. You aren’t playing—you’re unleashing your inner rock star.

Rating: ★★★★★

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