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Bejeweled Twist for the DS

I finally stopped playing this thing long enough to write a review on it. It’s addictive. I keep halfway hoping that one of the kids will borrow it and then lose it. I seem to have a problem.

I remember when bejeweled came out and I played it non-stop for like 2 days. Then I got annoyed because you’d run out of moves and the game would be over and you’d have to start all over again. There may have even been a few choice four-letter words flying about.

This is quite a little “twist” on the original. Instead of sliding two jewels around, you rotate four of them. There are bombs and locks and countdowns and other things to get in your way, so you may be setting up a move and have to go deal with the ticking time bomb before coming back to your set up.

There are several things I like better than the original Bejeweled. The most important is that you can make moves that don’t result in a clear. This is great for setting up moves, as I said, but also great because you aren’t kicked off the game just because you ran out of moves. I also like the challenge of having some bombs and things that need “immediate” attention, it makes the game play more dynamic and fun.

I LOVE the Zen mode. One of the things that annoys me about this game is the classic mode doesn’t save your level. So, if you do die, you have to start all the way over at level 1. This is fine if you are only a level 5, but if you are at level 15… very annoying. When that happens, I just go into Zen mode for a while because I’m too busy pouting. An unlock key or something would be useful – or a true save point. Something.

The challenges are great. This is where you have to clear X number of jewels in one move or something like that. Also fun is the blitz mode, where you basically just go as fast as you can to get as many points as you can.

I also realized after the first day that you don’t have to use the stylus (yay!). I was getting annoyed with it, and figured out you could use the regular keypad. Much more to my liking and I don’t hit the wrong jewel on accident.

For puzzle games fans, this is a definite must-buy. If you are a major Bejeweled fan, give it a few tries before getting annoyed with it. It’s quite the adjustment from the original.

I’m giving this 4 stars. It loses one simply because you cannot truly save a game in classic mode. And that, well, that annoys me.

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Rating: ★★★★☆

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