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The Dog Who Saved Christmas

I grabbed this for my kids to watch with their cousins while we were visiting family out of state for the holidays. I thought it would be a cute movie that would fit all ages (10-6). I was right! The kids loved it and talked about it off and on for several days afterwards with much laughter. That made it very special. My son told me that it was a lot like Home Alone.

Recently, I was able to watch it and… yes, it’s like Home alone – with a dog. As an adult, I thought it was just okay, but I’m rating it higher because the kids liked it so much and really, it’s about them, ya know?

This is good for people that are looking for a holiday film. It’s pretty mild, so it would be fine for something for the adults to watch with the kids and everyone enjoy it, it’s not too adult or too kid-oriented, so it fits the bill nicely.

Worth a watch, but a familiar storyline 🙂

The Bannister family’s new addition, Zeus (voiced by Mario Lopez) a former K-9 police hero, appears to be less than the dependable guard dog the family needs. However, when two burglars (led by Dean Cain) set out to break into the Bannister’s home while they’re away for Christmas, Zeus seizes the chance to be a hero, proving every dog – even this one – has his day.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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