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Sharkey’s Cuts For Kids (Austin, TX)

We first heard about this place when my daughter (6) was invited to a birthday party there. The party was still going on when I came to pick her up so I checked out the store and was impressed. It’s clean. REALLY clean. The owner was sitting behind the counter was one of the most pleasant people I’ve talked to in a while. I didn’t feel rushed out of the store or ignored or anything, she told me to look around talked to me about her business some (I’m a bookkeeper, so kind of a business geek anyway) and about the model. My daughter came out of the party room all glitzed up and demanding her next haircut to be there.

So… when she decided to get her hair cut, off we went and drug big brother (9) with us to get his hair cut too… but you don’t just get a haircut at Sharkey’s. You get an adventure. First you get to choose between a movie or a video game. The boy chose a video game, which is played on a large flat screen attached to the wall and the girl chose a movie, which is on a smaller flat screen on the other side. The movies have special chairs (cars and stuff) and the video games have standard barber chairs. I let the kids tell us what to do, and I wandered off while they played/watched/whatever. I read for a few minutes, but the owner and I struck up another conversation and just talked about random stuff (again, maybe it’s just me, but I like it when people don’t ignore you).

After they got shampooed and a haircut, my daughter was whisked off for her fingernails painted (glitter blue, of course), a glitter tattoo, a hair clippy and a ring. I mean, she had some serious bling going on, people.

It was around $35 for the two of them, so not too bad. The kids were happy. The staff was super excellent nice and the place was very clean. I highly recommend you to drop by this location – it’s by Toys R Us in the Lakeline Mall shopping center. At first I thought they were there to compete with another kid’s haircut place nearby, but they don’t even compare – and the price is nearly the same. The kid’s both got really really good cuts and had a great time. My son did declare it to be a little too girly, but said he preferred it because it was quieter than the other place.

Another fun stat – the bathroom is painted in chalkboard paint and you can use the provided chalk to write on the walls. Cool, eh?

From Their Website:
At Sharkey’s Cuts for Kids, we know that kids and parents want something different with their haircut experience. So we provide it all: a superior haircut with warm, experienced stylists in a meticulously clean place filled with fun!

You can also visit their Facebook Page

Rating: ★★★★★


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