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Amazon Customer Service

I am a bit of an Amazon nut. I purchase soap, electronics, books, music – heck, even groceries, from Amazon. I have a Prime membership (actually someone shares theirs with me – I’d still buy it if not, totally worth it!), which means that I get free shipping on most items and they make it to me within 2 days. My first order was in 2005 and I haven’t slowed down since. Yes, they have good prices. Yes, they have a great selection. Yes, you can pretty find anything on there. BUT the reason I stay so loyal to Amazon is their customer service. Over the years, we’ve had a few problems. Some potato chips we ordered came in completely crushed, Kid’s shampoo came in leaky. Small stuff and they’ve always fixed it right away, no questions asked.

Most of you guys know we are Kindle freaks. I have a 6″ Kindle (March ’09), as does my mother (May ’09). My husband has a Kindle DX (June ’09). We also have a friend on our account. It works seamlessly and we all love our Kindles – a lot. Like, I’m lost without it 🙂

In fact, one of my clients sent me a M-Edge Prodigy cover (it’s SO nice!) and another friend got me a Decalgirl skin for my Kindle this year. They know I’m completely obsessed with the thing.

My mother also lives 1250 miles from me so sharing books on our account is a great way to stay in touch, we can talk about what we read, etc. I was so happy to be able to send her one and to know she uses it. But when I went to visit her for Christmas, I noticed that the edge of her Kindle had cracked. See, Amazon has a cover they sell, but it’s biggest flaw is that if you open it the wrong way or clip it in wrong, it can weaken the edge of the Kindle where it clips in and crack it. I was disappointed to see that my mother’s Kindle was cracked.

I had heard that Kindle was honoring the 1-year warranty for this because it is a weakness in the side of the Kindle (plus honestly, I think it’s a bad cover design). But I was expecting to have to fight for the replacement – at least a little – or they would offer to sell me one at a discounted price or something. But nope. I was, quite literally, on the phone with customer service for about 3 minutes – total. They overnighted my mother a replacement Kindle at no charge and apologize that she had a problem. They even emailed me a return shipment label to return the defective Kindle. That was it. No questions, no me asking for a supervisor. Nothing. I clicked the “call me” button in their support area and 3 minutes later I was off the phone telling mom how to return the broken one once the new one got there.

I did, however, toss the Amazon cover and order her a M-Edge Prodigy like mine. Well, and then I ordered us both a light because the prodigy comes with a built in place for a light. Cuz… ya know, I’m obsessed. A little.

Bottom line… in all the years of my dealings with Amazon, their customer service cannot be touched. I cannot remember a single instance of me not being 100% satisfied with them. Good prices and all really is only half the story. For me, it’s about making sure your customer is happy. I’m the first to admit that I’m not always right – and I’m okay when they tell me they can’t and explain why. But honestly? They go so far far far above and beyond… I cannot imagine them saying no to a reasonable request. Thanks, Amazon, for showing your customers that you really do care and for listening, but most of all – thank you for standing behind your own products. That, in my opinion, gives you a full 5 stars 🙂

Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. Liz (wishes) 2 January 2010 at 8:15 pm Permalink

    always a good thing to see posts like this. I just bought a book which said $2 but then charged at $9 so i just emailed them and asked what's going on. Sounds like i dont have to stress and that they will sort it out 🙂

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