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The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

I read this for my book club lately. I must admit, there is very little chance I would have picked this up on my own. I don’t really read classic literature. Had no idea who Jane Eyre was or why I should care. I kinda still don’t, to be honest. I read the basic plot points of the novel on a website before I started reading this so I would have somewhat of a clue. I’m kind of glad I did because there were several things in there I might not have understood.

I’m going to say 4 stars for this book. It loses one because it tries too hard. The character names kind of had me rolling my eyes and the weird text issues with the worms was completely annoying. I think some of the “extra” information could have easily been left out. Too much input, Johnny Five!

BUT. I finished it and I didn’t feel like I was having to drag myself through it. It kept my attention, I even chuckled a few times. Even more importantly, and this is coming from someone that doesn’t read high brow stuff – it didn’t make me feel stupid. I was worried that it was going to be WAY over my head, but I actually got most of it and well, I enjoyed it. Recommended if you can get over the “whatever” stuff. 🙂

In Jasper Fforde’s Great Britain, circa 1985, time travel is routine, cloning is a reality (dodos are the resurrected pet of choice), and literature is taken very, very seriously. England is a virtual police state where an aunt can get lost (literally) in a Wordsworth poem and forging Byronic verse is a punishable offense. All this is business as usual for Thursday Next, renowned Special Operative in literary detection. But when someone begins kidnapping characters from works of literature and plucks Jane Eyre from the pages of Brontë’s novel, Thursday is faced with the challenge of her career. Fforde’s ingenious fantasy-enhanced by a Web site that re-creates the world of the novel–unites intrigue with English literature in a delightfully witty mix.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Book count for 2010: 3

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