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(Book) The Bearskin Rug by Jennifer Stevenson


This was a good book, good but not great. I like this series. I think it’s funny, different and has a great premise. There’s nothing high-brow about this one, it’s just plain fun. I mean, there’s a male sex demon, a tired and worn-out female police officer and the guy that has a crush on her. It’s fun and a great quick “just give me something to read” book.

The problem is that the series is starting to get a little “yeah, yeah, yeah”. We’ve seen it. he’s going to zap into something and she’s going to have to get him out. Got it. There’s a love triangle. Got it. I am interested enough to follow this series to see where the author takes it though. She has several options.

Great beach read!

Product Description

THE MAGIC: A live-in sex demon sure keeps a girl up at night
But for Jewel, a fraud cop leery of commitment, Randy could be too much of a good thing.

THE MISCHIEF: Hinky and kinky
Something seriously weird is going on at an erotic film studio. Jewel and her sexy partner, Clay, take the case–and Randy finds an outlet for his special skills.

THE MAN TROUBLE: Two hotties and a hard decision
If Jewel’s the luckiest girl in Chicago, how come she’s sleeping alone so much?


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