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(Book) Demon Ex Machina: Tales of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom by Julie Kenner


I love these books. They are so much fun. Suburbia meets hell (or is it hell?) with demons in your pantry, kidnapping your kid and generally just pissing you off. I first found this series at my local Barnes & Noble here in Austin. I always check out the “local authors” section when they have up a display and figured I needed something silly and new to read. My friend said they were good, so I bought a couple of them and have been hooked ever since.

This one starts out kinda rough. The author tried to hard to give us some back story. Understandable, I guess, because it had been a while. I think a quick little run down would have been easier though. *laugh* Something like a fast-paced “this and this and this”. (Okay, I just heard the “and this is what you missed on *Glee*” in my head – and if you don’t watch Glee, you have no clue what I’m talking about, so just move on along).

The story itself is a lot of fun! I kinda want to smack Kate at this point though with the whole two loves thing. At least things ended how I wanted them to, I guess. I dunno. I just can’t wait until Timmy kills his first bad guy! Go, Timmy, Go! (okay, is it horrible of me to want to see a toddler knife a demon?)

Overall, this series is very consistent. It’s funny, it’s quirky, it’s a little sassy and it’s very well edited. I can’t find a mention on when the next one is due out, which means it’ll be a long while. Apparently the author has other series she’s working on – damn her!

This is a great series for the moms (and not) out there that like a good laugh. check out the whole series at the author’s website.

Product Description

Demon Hunter Kate Connor is having one hell of a month…

In between demon patrols and teaching self-defense classes to the local moms, Kate has to deal with a teenage daughter who’s gung-ho on being a demon slayer in training and a toddler son entering a tantrum phase that rivals anything from the pits of Hell.

That’s a lot for one woman to juggle, but on top of it all, Kate has to find a way to release the demon possessing her first husband, Eric, without destroying the man inside. Because if the demon within Eric gets free, it just might be more than one seriously stressed suburban mom can handle.

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