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(Restaurant) Mongolian Grille on 183, North Austin, TX

I posted earlier about our bad experience lately with Mongolian Grille at La Frontera. A month ago, my husband was going out to dinner alone and decided to scout this place out since we needed a new location. We were hopeful…

And it came through! He came back raving about the place and how polite the staff were and how nice the restaurant was, so we all went the next week.

Yes. The decor inside is much nicer and you can tell the restaurant owners are taking care of the place. The bathrooms are well taken care of (hey, I’m a girl, this stuff matters!). The food/sauce bar is kept clean. I saw someone check on it and clean it up every 5 minutes or so. And it’s much more open. It doesn’t feel so closed in so it has less of that “cattle call” feeling that the La Frontera location has. Even my kids (9 and 6) could tell the difference.

This is the same type of place, you go in fill your plate with as many veggies and meats as you want/can, add the sauces of your liking and you can get noodles or an egg. A guy cooks it with a machete and dinner is served. This is the location that has now earned our business. I’m thankful we can add this back into our frequented places, we missed it!

For more information, visit their website at http://www.mongoliangrille.com/

From the website:
MONGOLIAN GRILLE is known for delicious, healthy food which you can custom create in endless different ways. Create your own entrée from a vast selection of fresh vegetables, meats, and special sauces. Then watch while we stir-grill your creation to perfection on the Mongolian grill. Visit us today and find out why the sky is the limit in creating the perfect stir-grilled dish!

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