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(Restaurant) Mongolian Grille in La Frontera, Austin, TX

Early last year, I had dinner here with a friend of mine at her suggestion. Oh my goodness. This is the best idea in the entire world, I’m convinced. Not only is everything reasonably healthy, but you can chose exactly what you want. If you don’t like it, well, it’s your own darn fault, isn’t it? I had chicken and chow mein type noodles, lots of veggies and a curry sauce.

What you do is you get a bowl and then cram as much veggies/meat as you want in it. You then grab a bowl, fill it with your choice of noodle, then make your own concoction from the 20 or so sauces available (or they have a guide to help you make one) and then give it to someone who puts it on a big round stir fry and off you go.

We go there once a month or so now, but the past six or so months, we’ve been less than impressed and have started thinking about another location. The service has been dropping off. The food and sauce area is almost always in need of restocking and cleaning (people make a HUGE mess, seriously, do you do this at home too?). Either they’ve cut staff or the staff has been lax.

The worst though is whatever is wrong with the woman’s bathroom. I think one of the drains is messed up, it always smells like a sewer in there. You can see that they’ve taped it up, but have not fixed it. It smells and I’m pretty sure it’s unsanitary. Very disappointing.

I’m giving them 3-stars because I am hopeful that they will make corrections, but we will be looking for another location.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.mongoliangrille.com/

From the website:
MONGOLIAN GRILLE is known for delicious, healthy food which you can custom create in endless different ways. Create your own entrée from a vast selection of fresh vegetables, meats, and special sauces. Then watch while we stir-grill your creation to perfection on the Mongolian grill. Visit us today and find out why the sky is the limit in creating the perfect stir-grilled dish!

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