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(Software) PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio

Got a camera? Need to edit your pictures? Well, PhotoPlus X3 can do that for you. Of course, so can a lot of other software suites out there. The 2 usual suspects are The GIMP, and Photoshop. While PhotoPlus is not really a competitor of either, it shares a lot of the features that can be found in these two common suites.

That said, Photoshop is very expensive while GIMP is open source. PhotoPlus gives you a nice, middle of the road option at a good price point. While The GIMP and Photoshop both offer more flexibility and features, these come at the price of complexity. PhotoPlus X3 goes for simplicity. Before too long even a novice can edit their pictures to remove red eye, create stylistic versions of their pictures, or even repair old, damaged photos.

I see there are a lot of Amazon’s reviews that give 1 star ratings because of the odd requirement to register by phone. You can also register the software from their website. So if that was turning you off the software, go ahead and give it a try!

Product Description

PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio is Serifs professional digital image editing solution. PhotoPlus X3 brings you an unrivaled combination of easy-to-use photo enhancement Studios, on-screen automated help, and a rich collection of professional-level tools and adjustments. Whether you’re resizing holiday snaps, removing flaws from portraits, adjusting exposure and color levels, restoring old images, importing Photoshop┬« documents, or transforming photos with unique effects and artistic styles, PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio has everything you need to achieve the highest quality results fast.

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