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(Restaurant) Saccone’s Pizza on 620 in Austin, TX

This is easily the best pizza in our area (Anderson Mill). We have had it delivered and picked up in the past from the old location (which burned down) and from this newer location. Earlier this week, we ate in the restaurant for the first time. The first thing I noticed is that the place is incredibly clean. That matters to me because I’m a bit of a closet germophobe. There was nary a crust crumb in sight. Whew!

The ambiance is just ‘ok’. We got there very early, before the game was scheduled to start so I’m sure that’s part of it. This is definitely a place for sports fans, I took it. But it was nice and quiet and we could talk to each other without loud music or kitchen sounds. For me, that’s a plus. But if you are looking for ambiance, go after 6pm.

The pizza, of course, is amazing. I love Jersey-style pizza. We call it “foldin’ pizza”. The crust is soft and perfectly cooked every time. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

The kids tolerate it, it’s not their favorite, but they like that frozen $0.99 Totinos crap from the grocery store, so what do they know really?

The husband and I like Dan’s Special – but ask for extra sauce if you like it saucy.

We’ll be back… again and again…

Saccone’s Pizza and Subs – from their website
“Pizza with a Jersey Attitude”

Built on the premise that if you give the public consistent quality and great-tasting food, they’d tell all their friends and keep coming back for more.

And that’s why we are now recognized as Austin’s only true authentic Jersey Pizza Shop. For those of you Yankee transplants, you know that we’re the real deal. For the rest of you, well… we’ll make Jerseyan’s out of you yet.

So enjoy the pizza and don’t forget to tell your friends.

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