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(Restaurant) Nagoya Steak and Sushi in Austin, TX

This a rough review for me because I have mixed feelings over this place. The good – the food is excellent and it would be a nice place to go for dinner at night with your husband or business associate. I guess I have easy/casual tastes. I like my restaurants with a little less “pretentious” – the waiters are all wearing black and a tie, they do the hand behind their back thing, the table is a winner because it has a tablecloth (hey, I told you I’m easy to please), but I could do without all the extra glasses and overly done place settings for lunch.

We went here for lunch on back-to-school day in late August, during their “soft opening” and maybe there’s more of a business crowd than I give credit for in this area, but lunches here are pretty casual in the restaurants around us, so we were not expecting what we walked into (severely under-dressed I might add). I just thought it was too much for lunch. Maybe I’m wrong, it’s happened before, but I would have felt much more comfortable there had it been more casual for lunch – it was dark inside and just felt ‘off’ for this area of town at lunch.

Having said that – the rolls are good – really good; the prices were decent; the staff, while “pretentious” were very very polite and I liked the food enough to buy a few gift certificates from restaurant.com to check it out again – for dinner this time 🙂

I hope they get a website soon with a menu – I’d like to see what their final menu looks like and if there’s any kid-friendly fare eventually. My son loves to going out to eat with me and this is definitely a place I would feel comfortable taking him to.

I also am interested to see how this place will evolve because – again, it was dark and “nice” for lunch, yet there was a bar right beside us with a television going – it was a bit confusing for our brains to comprehend.

Then again, maybe we really are simple folk!


Update: As Howard pointed out on the Yelp message board http://www.yelp.com/topic/cedar-park-list-of-kid-unfriendly-places-in-austin-area — let me clarify that when I say “kid friendly” I’m not talking grilled cheese here, god no. I’m talking smaller portions for kids that know how to behave in a restaurant. This really is no place for the under-6 crowd. My almost 9 year old would love this place for a special dinner out with mom, but he’s a weird foodie kid 🙂

Update 2: They now have a website at http://www.eatnagoya.com

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