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(Restaurant) Momiji Sushi & Hibachi at 620/183 in Austin, TX

I first saw Momiji not too long after it opened and was hemming and hawing over whether or not to give it a shot. I LOVED vegetarian maki rolls and I like hibachi, but… dude. It’s in a strip mall. Right next to Lowe’s. Really now?

When I made an appointment with a colleague, she suggested we meet at this joint and I thought, “okay, why not?”. I was still leery so I ordered hibachi, but my companion was nice enough to let me try her tuna and salmon rolls. And whaddya know – I like raw fish maki rolls too. In fact, I like them a lot. I’m now obsessed with this place.

I will admit that their hibachi is nothing to rave over. It’s just okay. I didn’t care for the sushi or the sashimi, but that’s probably more my own preferences (plus I’m still a bit of wimp about raw fish, the rolls I can handle). But their rolls are wonderful, the prices are incredibly reasonable (I can get out of there for $20 for 2 for lunch!), and the waitstaff are polite and accommodating.

I’ve been back a lot. No, I don’t think you understand. I could live there happily and return several times per month. Luckily, I find I prefer the healthier rolls so I don’t feel like I’m overdoing it, but given a chance, I take anyone I can find there. Everyone is always impressed. The restaurant itself is pretty understated, there’s not a lot of noise or music and the decor is light. I have a hard time hearing in places with a lot of white noise, so this is perfect.

Check out the menu on their website at http://www.eatmomiji.com – half price rolls Monday-Thursday and great lunch specials. Heck, even specials on weekend nights.

My kids will also go here. My daughter likes the shrimp-asparagus roll and my son likes the fried rice. The waitstaff is always great with them. The last time I dined there with my son, the waiter gave him the kid chopsticks for his rice. I looked at him a little like he must be nuts, but my son did okay with it and when I left, apologizing to the waiter for the mess, he said “nope, it’s on me, I knew what I was getting into.” – he still got a big tip. I always tip well here, they are always wonderful and I appreciate good service.

I have been yelling from the rooftops about this place in hopes they stay open. They appear to be doing a very good business so yippee!

Go here – and invite me along 🙂

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