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(Product) Zyrtec Itchy Eye Relief

We live in Central Texas where we battle with seasonal allergies seemingly all year long. If the pollen isn’t out, the mold is. This means at least one of my family members is sniffling, sneezing and rubbing their eyes until they are red and even more itchy. It’s a vicious cycle. We’ve used other drops with mixed results. When given the chance to try Zyrtec, we were excited (seriously, it’s sad, but true, the molds are really bad right now). The first up was my son who was sneezing and scratching at his eyes. We already use Zyrtec Tablets and this time, put a drop in each of his eyes. Within a few minutes his eyes weren’t itching anymore and within an hour the redness was fading. I used the the next day with similar results. We’re sold!

Product Features
* Health Concern: Minor Eye Irritation
* Travel Size: Yes
* Pieces: 1
* Capacity (volume): 0.17 Oz.
* Manufacturer Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up
* Health Facts: Ketotifen


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