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(Book) Last Tuesday by Mark Wheaton


I can’t decide about this book.

First – the good. The writing is fabulous. It flowed easily off of the page and was very enjoyable to read. I also loved the premise for the first 2/3 or so of the book. I, quite literally, could not put it down. I had to know what happened and what was going on and… who and why and how and…

The problem becomes that it’s too short. Things happened too quickly and in the end, for me, it made very little sense. I think I got MOST of it, but I’m left kind of in a “huh” limbo as far as what was really going on. I consider myself a fairly bright person, but something got lost in the translation somewhere. Probably those small subtle nuances that I really do need spelled out for me.

I’d give this one 3 stars simply because the premise is great, the twists were great (if I’m even close on what they were! *laugh*), and the writing was superb.

It loses 2 stars for being to short and not coming with cliff’s notes 🙂

Seriously though, this was a good novella, pick it up and give it a whirl.

Product Description
In their early forties, Indiana couple Daniel and Marcie Towne have it all – a nice house in the suburbs, steady income and a great marriage. The only thing missing is children, but they’ve filled their lives with other things to make up for their inability to conceive. But then one Saturday morning, Daniel realizes that, inexplicably, he can’t place the events of the previous Tuesday. What he and Marcie first believe is merely symptomatic of a faulty memory, soon becomes a paranoid journey into murder, missing children and madness…

Mark Wheaton is a horror screenwriter (Friday the 13th, The Messengers) and graphic novelist (The Cleaners). Last Tuesday is his first novella.

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