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(Book) Bones by Mark Wheaton


I kind of like dry humor and oddities (like the whole funyun scene cracked me up for some reason, yeah, so a kid died, whatever, he scored some funyons!). I’m not so much for books that are so gory they make you wince. I like a good story.

This novella was perfect for me because it met all of those criteria. It’s definitely not for the hardcore horror readers and if you like slapstick, this probably isn’t either, but it was intriguing that it was written from the dog’s perspective much of the time.

Not as good as Last Tuesday story-line wise, but fun nonetheless. A great Halloween-ish read!

Product Description
This is the story of Bones, a seven-year old veteran cadaver dog with the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police whose specialties range from human remains recovery to public order enforcement. When an outbreak of dangerous parasites begins bringing the dead back to life, Bones’ nose must go into overdrive to prevent disaster and save mankind in this apocalyptic tale of nature run amok.

Mark Wheaton is a horror screenwriter (Friday the 13th, The Messengers) and graphic novelist (The Cleaners). Bones is his second straight-to-Kindle horror novella (Last Tuesday).


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