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AmazonBasics 700MB 52x CD-R (50-Pack Spindle)

While I mostly use off-site storage for backups, I keep CD’s around for drivers and other miscellaneous programs. When these disks came in, it was time to update my pile of misc. software. Reviewing CD’s isn’t easy. Either the disk works, or it doesn’t. In this case the disks worked fine. I burned 10 CD’s worth of data and had not a single glitch.

Now, lets talk about this new “Frustration Free” packaging. Sometimes when you get something from Amazon it comes sealed up so tight you need a sledgehammer and crowbar (or at least a sharp knife) to get your product out. The new Frustration Free packaging was a breeze. The CD spindle was sandwiched between two fitted cardboard “shelves”. The top one slid right out of the box and lo and behold, there sat my disks.

Overall a good product at a good price. I like the new packaging. Hopefully we’ll see more things packaged this way in the near future.

Product Description

This spindle of 50 AmazonBasics 52X CD-Rs provides a natural storage solution for music, photos, and archiving important data. Each disk offers a capacity of 700MB. These CD-Rs support fast write speeds up to 52X and provide an audio recording time of 80 minutes.


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