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(Software) Corel Home Office Suite

After reading other reviews on this product I can only think one thing: People are comparing Apples to Oranges. Microsoft and Corel both offer a full range of solutions designed to fit many different budgets. People that complain about Microsoft outrageous price are trying to compare the $300 Full Office from Microsoft to the $40 Home Office from Corel. This isn’t fair to either product as neither the price nor the features are really comparable.

Corel Home Office comes with nice, standard suite of tools: spreadsheet, word processor, and presentation design software. Each one is well suited to the task and I really cannot fault any of the tools. Yes, the wide range of templates offered by Microsoft is missing, but how often do you really use Microsoft Word to print out your Christmas cards? Besides, many of these templates are available for free from the Internet.

So where does Corel Home Office really shine? In my mind, it is not at home, but on the road. First generation netbooks have very small hard drives and even 2nd generation netbooks have storage space issues. Corel Home Office offers most of the features of other office suites at a fraction of the storage space.

Unfortunately, Corel Home Office shares 2 of the weaknesses that Microsoft Office has: 1.) No support for .odf files (Open Document Format) and 2.) No support for Microsoft Works files.

So, why 3 stars? Because I have to throw out my own apples to oranges comparison. There are several free software suites that compare very well in features. As stated, the price is unbeatable (free). Yes, they take some getting used to, but some of the free suites have come a long way of late (OpenOffice to name one).

I would recommend Corel Home Office to anyone for which space in an option. With a wide range of support formats (including .docx), Corel Home Office will allow you to open files from other computers and save to a format that other people can use. However, for your main computer there are more full featured (and free) office suites available.

Product Features

* Corel Home Office is designed for your personal and home business word processing, spreadsheet and presentation needs; bundling Corel Write, Corel Calculate, and Corel Show
* Prepare, edit and present great-looking letters, reports, quotations, memos, mailings and newsletters with Corel Write
* Create spreadsheets, charts and graphs, and balance budgets with Corel Calculate
* Make professional-looking slide shows with photos, charts, transitions and more using Corel Show
* Open, edit, create and save Microsoft Office documents, including Open XML formats; save your files in PDF format


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