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(Product) Logitech Gaming Headset G330

For the last few years I’ve been using some pretty pricey gaming headsets. I used the eDimensional 3D headset and also the Turtle Beach 5.1 surround sound headset. Both of these had great audio, but their microphones were always lacking. My teammates kept asking me to turn up my mic long after I already had the gain at max.

Did I mention that I wear glasses? Both of these full-ear headsets got uncomfortable after about an hour and I always found myself wearing one earphone at a time. No exactly the surround sound I paid for. Especially at over $100 each.

The Logitech G330 is not a surround sound headset. However, it doesn’t say that it is. What it is is an extremely comfortable headset with great audio quality and a wonderful mic. I wore this headset for over 3 hours and never had a single comfort problem.

The audio is excellent as well. No, it isn’t 5.1 stereo but with modern simulated surround sound these could definitely pass for it. The bass response is respectable and the highs do not sound “pinched” like in some budget headphones.

The mic is adjustable through rotation of its base on the headphones and also bendable along the microphone arm. The band across the back also adjusts to fit just about any head. Both my 6 year old daughter and myself were able to adjust the headset to fit comfortable but snugly on our heads.

The volume control and microphone mute on the cord clip is also very useful. I could adjust music to a comfortable volume while helping my son with his homework. All without having to bring up the computers audio controls.

For $50, these headphones are great. Don’t expect the rumbling bass and super crisp trebles of more expensive headsets, but if your are looking for comfort, good audio, and a great mic give this headset a shot.

Product Features
* Adjustable, behind-the-head design provides a lightweight, personalized fit – the first of its kind in gaming headsets
* Silicone-lined headband and pivoting ear pads relieve pressure from extended wear.
* Noise-canceling microphone reduces annoying background noise; position the flexible microphone right where you want it and rotate it out of the way when you┬┐re not using it.
* Connect digitally to any USB port for enhanced audio or directly to your PC sound card via 3.5 mm jacks.
* In-line audio controls let you adjust the volume or mute the microphone without pausing the action

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