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(Product) Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick

A while back I finally had to dump my old Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback joystick. Not because the stick itself was bad but because I no longer had a working game port. The current generation of Sidewinders are a pale memory of the older models so I decided to give Logitech a try.

The force feedback on this joystick is great. It really pulls you into the game and gives you a feel for the action. The buttons are well places and very responsive. The placement of the throttle is a godsend. So many companies put the throttle in an out of the way area but in sim games like MechWarrior you need instant access to the throttle.

The downside of this stick is its sensitivity. Though I have gotten used to it the way the stick reacts takes away a bit of the enjoyment in games. Many times I find myself turning off the force feedback so I have better control, but then what was the purpose of this purchase?

If you need the sensitivity, get this stick. However most people should look elsewhere.

Technical Details

* Programmable action buttons let you customize your settings, download game profiles, assign shift-button, and more
* Rapid-fire trigger lets you fire shots in quick succession
* Fire your weapons, select targets, and perform other functions using both hands
* Keep your enemy in view with the 8-way rubberized hat switch
* Sculpted twist handle for superior comfort, precise rudder control and extended play


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