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(Book) Killing Joe by Marie Treanor


This book was WAY too short for the storyline (yeah, usually I complain about the opposite too). The plot was intriguing, interesting and very different – and let’s face it, a lot of books out there are just a constant rehash. There were so many different ways the author could have taken it, but it ended so quickly. I wonder why she chose to not delve deeper into the characters and flesh out the plot? This book could have been absolutely fabulous, instead it feels like an unfinished book. I give it 4 stars for the great book idea alone. I hope the author decides to do something else with this idea or maybe build off of what she has here.

Product Description

How many times can one man die? To professional assassin Joe, life is cheap, and crash researcher Anna just another hit. Until his own unplanned car crash changes everything. Dr. Anna Baird, dedicated to the point of obsession, suddenly finds her state-of-the-art crash test dummy haunted by a weird and exciting stranger-who seems doomed to repeatedly experience the fate he-d intended for Anna.

Lost in a reality only he and Anna inhabit, Joe finds himself falling in love with his intended victim, and ultimately fighting to save her life-because whoever hired him still wants her dead.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, occasional bad language and extreme violence perpetrated against crash test dummies.

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