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(Book) Waiting For Spring by RJ Keller


This is a hard book for me to review. The plot, the story, the execution of this books is phenomenal. My problem was the heavy use of the F-word, not only in the sex-scenes, but also just in the everyday language. I should say that I drop the F-bomb myself – and on a very regular basis. But it seemed to be so over-used in this book that it was distracting.

I also really would love to share this book with my mother. It’s a book she could really enjoy and appreciate, but I know the language would complete turn her off. She doesn’t mind cursing, but this was too much. I think a little cursing adds color, but this was too much.

Now, back to the story… I loved the way it unfolded. I think you knew the ending (at least I did), how it had to end and then end again, but the path to get us there an amazing roller-coast ride. This is one of the best independent books I’ve read in a very long time. The setting, seasons, it’s all perfectly well done. This author should feel very good about their work. Tremendous.

All proceeds are going to a domestic abuse charity. I actually got this book for free from the author’s website (I believe), but went and bought it for that reason.

I really wish I could recommend that everyone read this book, and if you can handle lots of cursing, it’s well worth the read – if you are offended by it, then skip this one.

Product Description
A recently divorced woman trudges out of one small, Maine town and into an even smaller one, hoping to escape her pain. Instead she finds herself surrounded by people who are trudging on, just like her. Waiting for things to get better. Waiting for spring. [NOTE: Proceeds from this book will be donated to Spruce Run, a domestic abuse project providing information and support to all people affected by domestic abuse.]

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  1. rjkeller 2 September 2009 at 2:06 am Permalink

    Thanks so much for the review! And thanks, especially, for purchasing the Kindle book from Amazon and helping out Spruce Run. They're a great organization.

  2. Candy 2 September 2009 at 2:14 am Permalink

    Thank you, RJ for stopping by. Always makes me smile when an author drops in! And thank you for a fabulous book. I think it will be one to stick with me a while.

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