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(Book) Soul Intent by Dennis Batchelder


I read the first book in this series, Soul Identity, earlier this year. It was a really good techno-thriller type of book, great premise and interesting. When I heard that there was a sequel, I wasn’t sure what to think. I didn’t really think that there was room left for a sequel and wasn’t sure where they would take it. Ah, but see! That’s the point right? To write a complete book. I always complain when authors leave huge gaping holes in the ending so they can write a sequel. It annoys me!

So, I bought it… and I really enjoyed it! The elements of adventure and secrets of this “organization” are all still intact. It’s a really great premise and you wonder, do the members think they are reincarnated? Is it random? How is their soul line formed and how/why? At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, people join for different reasons. In this one, a Nazi joins in 1946… and the story goes from there. All of our favorite characters are back.

The ending was maybe a little predictable, but the writing is superb. Read this one, it’s a great ride!

Product Description
In 1946, soon-to-be-executed Nazi General Hermann Goering asks young Soul Identity overseer Archibald Morgan to take his looted gold and deposit it in a soul line collection, there to await his soul’s rebirth.

Flora, a seventeen-year-old Gypsy girl whose father died in the Dachau concentration camp, is sure that Goering stole the gold. She struggles to persuade Morgan to reject the Nazi’s deposit, but Morgan prevails.

Sixty-four years have passed. A repentant Morgan opens Goering’s collection and discovers the gold is gone. In its place lies a cryptic journal. Morgan asks security expert Scott Waverly to find the thief and recover the gold.

Scott must race through Europe to uncover the elusive secrets of what really happened in Nuremberg… secrets that threaten to reopen old wounds, settle old scores, and lead to the gold’s—and his own soul’s—recovery.

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