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(Book) Raising Jake by Charlie Carillo


This was an absolutely beautifully written book. The plot is so beautifully well done. It keeps moving at a steady pace, it has humor, emotion, adventure, sadness, happiness.

It is, at it’s core, a story of a father and son finding themselves over a long weekend. Extremely touching, the author takes on for the ride of a lifetime. This book made my heart soar and my eyes sore (from staying up so late to read it!). The plot is uplifting, the humor is perfectly timed.

I don’t want to give away too many points of the plot, but everything interweaves together beautifully. I didn’t see one single thing that wasn’t resolved or that was left dangling out in the wind.

This is bound to be one of my top books I’ve read in 2009.

Product Description
In Charlie Carillo’s funny, insightful novel, a divorced man gets to know his seventeen-year-old son in a tale that rewrites the book on quality time together…Sammy Sullivan is working his way down the ladder of success. Divorced and pushing fifty, his relationships have the longevity of a fruit fly. But how many men can get themselves fired and have their only son expelled from prep school all in one day? Now, after almost eighteen years, he and Jake may finally get to know each other. (That’s if his ex-wife – the super-achiever Sammy can only dream of being – doesn’t find out.) Jake knows virtually nothing about his roots. So, Sammy shows him the old neighborhood in the far reaches of Queens. But it’s been thirty years. The older woman Sammy lost his virginity to now uses a walker to get around. Most of his hangouts are long gone. It’s dreary, born-to-lose stuff. But Jake is on a mission. Wise beyond his (and his dad’s) years, he doesn’t want his father to miss out the second time around on the good things he blew the first time. And they’ve got a whole weekend together – a journey where Sammy will confront his, dysfunctional childhood and Jake will face a past he never knew he had.


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