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(Book) Killed by Kindle by Madison McGraw


This is a short story (not a book or novel) that is definitely more geared for those who have been around the Kindle Forums. I supposed anyone could read it, but there a few things that I think maybe only that little subset would enjoy. I read in there from time to time, so I kind of “got it”.

The story itself is just okay, I think it could have been fleshed out a lot more. I did enjoy the writing style, although there were many errors as far as editing and grammar.

Having said that – it’s an easy read, will give you a chuckle or two and is worth getting. The description is dead on – it’s exactly as you would expect 🙂

Product Description
Lark Frumpert- Vice President of Lymann and Rooster Publishing has just been fired by one of his best selling authors. He blames his misfortune on Jeff Bezos: First Bezos creates Amazon, then he invents the Kindle- digging into Lymann and Roosters profits.

After an unfortunate accident, Lark Frumpert is visited by the ghost of Mark Twain. Twain tries to help Lark find his way back to what is important- the people who read books- and grants him one wish – and you know what they say about wishes…


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