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(Book) Cornfield Heiress by Errollynne K Peters


This book really starts out strong. It’s interesting and insightful and kept me turning the pages to find out “what’s next”. I adored reading about her early life, her family, her dates, etc. Not all of it was happy, but it felt real and worthy of reading. I enjoyed the first half of the book greatly!

I even enjoyed hearing about her amazing life, she has done a lot – carnival worker, high powered marketing/training, etc. I found that fascinating.

When she gets to the wine, she lost me. I’m not a wine person and the constantly stream of “we went here and we drank this fancy sounding wine” bored me. The story was lost in all the wine talk. I think the book really suffered because of this.

I wish she had used that time to finish fleshing out her trials with breast cancer. She seemed to gloss over a lot of that. I realize it may have been a painful thing to talk about, but I felt like she left a lot out of that time period of her life. My heart really did ache for her and I felt she still maybe hasn’t come to grips with what she went through and the decisions she made during that time. She left out a lot of the emotion that the start of the book had and I really wanted to know more of what she was feeling.

I also wanted to know more about Jason and Fred and any relationship she has when them now. Perhaps she doesn’t and that’s what it was left out, but short of hunting her down and asking her, I may never know…

This still is a good read. It’s about a woman’s life. A real woman, a woman who made mistakes (lots of them) and good decisions (lots of those too). She’s not famous, she may not even be noteworthy. I think that’s what made it all the more fascinating to read.

Product Description
Inspirational; Baby boomer Chic Lit; Travel across upper Midwest with the yet unproclaimed heiress as she descends upon northern Idaho to begin a teaching career and an ordinary life – soon to become anything but ordinary. Meet Michael the Marine who releases her frm virginity and tumbles her into a string of fascinating but doomed relationships with Sky King, Duplicitous Don Juan, Lap Dog Jimmie, Harvard Bob, Grumble Bunny, and the Kennewick cowboy. Languish with her during her corporate days of champagne and mink coats; shiver during the Portland years of rain and terror. Experience the excitement of carnival life as she shares her adventures as a “carny.” Cry with her as she faces inflammatory breast cancer. Embrace her courageous walk through alternative therapies. You will be forever changed by this touching, unforgettable story.


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  1. Cornfield Heiress 22 August 2009 at 3:57 am Permalink

    Thank you for reviewing my book. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it. The wine chapter is tedious for those not into wine! But I had kept such copious notes (even the wine labels from each date) and felt the memory needed to be included. I was in the middle of my cancer when I put the book together and still gathering retrospective. My treatment at Valley Cancer was painless and I truly felt we'd eventually beat it even though it took 16 months of daily tratment. I had all the money I wanted because I was able to sell my cornfield, more money than I ever had, actually. I was surrounded by friends and family in Santa Monica, Orange County, and Los Angeles. I felt fine and shopped my tail off. I LOVED exploring southern California. As odd as it sounds, I had a ball during my fight with cancer. I've had some adjustments when my arm and hand stopped working, but nothing noteworthy. I've adjusted and am constantly finding ways to adapt to my one-armed life. I've rigged a potato chip clip with ribbon to hang from my bathroom so that I can rat my hair. I've found a rubber-webbed drawer liner keeps my toast from jumping around as I try to spread butter or cream cheese. I happen to love smoked salmon cream cheese on toast and have discovered that the tub fits perfectly in my sink drain so I'm able to scoop out the cream cheese. My 'as seen on tv' battery-operated can opener helps me in the kitchen as does my electric knife. One of my favorite Christmas gifts last year was a simple champagne cork extractor -once again, I'm able to drink champagne whenever I please. Another friend gave me a wine cork extractor that I can use with one hand. My goal has been 'not to feel sick or disabled'. Maybe that's part of why I don't dwell on the downside of my cancer- there hasn't been much of one. My students and co-workers don't make a big deal about my arm so I don't have many moments when I could feel like a freak. I'm dieting and slowly taking off the weight all the treatment put on, I dye my hair, I paint my nails, and wear beautiful clothes/shoes. I avoid conventional doctors like the plague. There's a lot of fear-mongering in conventional medicine when it comes to cancer- I experienced a little as I learned how to care for my lymphodemic arm. Medical professionals tend to overtreat. Not all women would take the risks I've taken, granted, but some women just give up and get grim; they give up celebrating life and start fearing death.
    Regarding Jason, I fear lawsuits, so I took a lot of info about Jason out of the book. I have no contact and really have no interest in contact-I fear it would only bring trouble. Fred is another story – we are still in weekly contact. We see each other once or twice a year. Fred's marriage isn't good but the arrangement is livable for him;he's very involved with his sons in their cattle business which is what he lives for. I'm a little bonus in his life. I haven't found dating worthwhile these past 12 years. This part of my life remains bittersweet. I invite you to follow my blog from my website, cornfieldheiress.com. I'm doing a year of Heiress Teaches Hoodlums. Thank you again for reading my book.

  2. Candy 28 August 2009 at 10:36 pm Permalink

    I just wanted to say thank you for taking time to let us know how you are today and answering some of my unanswered questions. I really do appreciate that! It sounds like you've managed to adapt nicely. Congrats.

  3. JLH 6 November 2010 at 9:25 pm Permalink

    Errollynne Peters died Friday, 11/5/2010. She was a friend of mine, one I’ve only known for a short time but have been blessed by her joie de vivre. She lost her battle with cancer, but she is one person who made a big impression on my life – she was a great teacher and a wonderful friend.

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