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(Products) Amazon Kindle Leather Cover

There are a few reasons I decided to go with the Amazon cover for my Kindle 2. The first was obvious – Amazon made the Kindle and the cover so they would most definitely work together well. There are, however, a few issues….

First the good – I like how it snaps into the Kindle at the spine, it’s a great fit and I’ve never had my Kindle fall out of it. I like the soft interior, I feel like my screen is protected very well. The big selling point for me was how slim it is. It doesn’t add much weight to the Kindle and it doesn’t add much bulk.

The bad… It doesn’t clasp closed. Even velcro or a snap would make me happy. It’s always flopping open on me, I use a rubber band to keep it closed or a tie or something, but it’s crazy that it doesn’t snap closed or something. It also doesn’t have some way to keep the Kindle against the back cover, so when you open it the wrong way, I feel like I’m going to break it from the hinge. It also has a funky smell the first week or two, whatever process they use in manufacturing, well – stinks.

Overall though, I’m happy with my choice. It protects my favorite toy without being obtrusive.

Technical Details

* Official book cover designed by Amazon for Amazon Kindle (2nd Generation)
* Secure Kindle in place with patent-pending cover hinge
* Sturdy and stylish genuine black leather exterior protects Kindle
* Soft charcoal grey suede interior protects screen from scratches

2 Responses to “(Products) Amazon Kindle Leather Cover”

  1. Shawn Powers 3 July 2009 at 11:02 pm Permalink

    The DX leather cover is magnetically held closed. Perhaps it was an addition due to dissatisfaction with the K2?

  2. Candy 3 July 2009 at 11:25 pm Permalink

    I bet it was actually… they really should have some sort of clasp on it. Good to know though… I ordered Tom a DX (be here by 8/9 or so) and will order a cover too, but was looking at the different ones available.

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