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(Product) Impact Sports ePulse Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch and Calorimeter

I was looking for some way to monitor my heart rate during workouts with my trainer and while walking, biking, etc. The watches that you touch really don’t work well because you have to stop what you are doing, so I was looking for a continuous monitoring system. I got a chest strap system. Now, I’m not a small lady, but it did fit. The problem? It doesn’t stay put and it’s itchy. (granted, everything is itchy to me, but seriously, who comes up with these ideas?). I was looking around on Amazon and saw this one… so I ordered it and hoped for the best.

I must say, this is MUCH more comfortable. It straps to my lower arm under the elbow and the display is nice and big so I can always see what my heart rate is. It does get a little itchy after 45 minutes or so, but I’m super sensitive to everything. I also sometimes have a hard time getting it positioned correctly, but I’m getting better at this over time. It has a sensor bad that has to sit properly to pick up your heart rate (and it does have a blue light that comes on when you’ve done it correctly).

Let me say that I have only used this for heart rate monitoring and nothing else, so I can’t speak to the other things it does, but it’s been perfect for my needs.

I highly recommend this product, it has been absolutely wonderful!

Product Description
ePulse is the world’s first armband-only continuous heart rate monitor and calorimeter. Until now continuous heart rate monitors required an uncomfortable chest strap and special watch, essentially restricting their use to serious athletes. ePulse, the “People’s Personal Fitness Assistant” now makes it practical and convenient for anyone who exercises or is interested in tracking calories burned to obtain the benefits of heart rate monitoring while conducting literally any type of activity from running to walking or simply doing daily chores. The ePulse brings the benefits of continuous heart rate monitoring to everyone with its ease of use and convenience. This is accomplished via sophisticated integration of light sensor and microprocessor technology (like that used in hospital heart rate monitors) that allows the ePulse to accurately read the pulse from the forearm. The ePulse is lightweight and features an easily read day/night LED display. It is powered by standard AAA batteries. ePulse requires no programming to immediately display heart rate, and with a simple input of personal data, it will also calculate calories burned and target exercise zones including in-zone alerts. ePulse works equally well for both men and women. This innovative product addresses the prevailing issue other heart rate monitors struggle to overcome´┐Ż.the wearing of a chest strap! At best, chest straps are an annoyance and at worst, are so uncomfortable that they discourage many people from utilizing this type of valuable training and fitness tool. In particular, women seem very sensitive to chest straps and many won’t use heart rate monitors due to this physical requirement. Now, ePulse comfortably conveys heart rate (and other important data) allowing anyone to easily regulate their workout intensity and better attain specific fitness or weight management goals with the touch of a finger.

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