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(Product) GE 1255W-BK 12MP Digital Camera with 5X Optical Zoom and 3.0-Inch LCD Screen with Auto Brightness

To start off let me tell you this: I love cameras. My husband, however, hates them. He loves being in front of them, but hates being behind them. Why? Because he couldn’t take a picture to save his life. Look through my family photo album and you will see picture after picture of him and the kids. But I’m only seen in a few (usually taken by my 8 year old). That is because we learned a long time ago: if we want to be able to tell who is in the picture and where it was taken, the husband was not to be trusted. But I think we’ll be seeing a lot more pictures with me in them from now on, thanks to the GE 1255W-BK.

This camera has a lot of features. Not only does it have digital zoom, but it also has true, 5X optical zoom. My husband has always had a bad habit using those “false” zooms, and otherwise good pictures turn out grainy. Not anymore! Tired of heads being cut off? The GE 1255W-BK actually detects and brackets the heads visible in the picture. Eyes closed? Not smiling? This camera even detects that! Just point, wait for the brackets to turn white, and take the picture!

The preview screen covers the 3 B’s: Big, Beautiful, and Bright. You can actually tell the quality of the picture from the preview. No more waiting to get home just to find out that you didn’t get a single photo worth saving. The controls are easy to use and the little joystick controls adds a more “solid” feel to the controls than the little control pads that are so prevalent these days.

Thank you GE for a great camera and for making sure I will get equal time in the family photo album!

This isn’t a DSLR camera, it’s a point and shoot, an afford one with lots of fun options. For the cost and the market, you simply cannot beat the options (12mp too!)

Technical Details

* 12MP Digital Camera with 5x optical zoom and 4.5x digital zoom
* 3.0-Inch vibrant LCD with auto brightness
* 24MB intermal memory with SD/SDHC card support up to an additional 8GB
* Auto scene, blink, smile and face detection
* 28mm wide angle lens with imag stabilization and pan-capture panorama


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