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(Product) Avery 45280 Labels

(Yes, this is a review for labels, Dy)

When I first saw the Avery 45280 labels I thought, “What is the use for those?” As it turns out, there are quite a few reasons for these labels to exist. A long time ago, in offices all around the world, these individual and hand written labels were the standard. However, they have long since been replaced by sheet fed, laser printed labels. Those sheets are great for doing a database merged mailing label run, or if you just need a lot of labels all for things going to the same place. But what about when you just need one label?

The Avery 45280 labels come on a pad similar to Post It notes. There is one label per page. You simply fill out the label, tear it off the pad, and apply it to whatever you are sending. The pad is small enough to fit into a drawer or supply box, but not so small that it is easily lost or misplaced.

With the now standard laser printed labels, you have to keep to keep an entire box or risk crumpling a page. You could always risk using that page rather than throwing it away, but digging the labels out of your printer is no fun when they come unstuck. You could always just print one label and save the rest of the page for later, but this is a time-sink and a hassle. You have to reformat the standard label printing matrix every time you need a simple label. Avery 45280 Labels remedy both of these issues.

The only problem with the labels is that they are not something you will be using every day. Depending on how often you really plan on handwriting your mailing labels, you may not want to spend the money. Additionally, on most letters you could simply write (or print) on the envelope itself. Still, there are times that these labels will come in handy and for that they are well deserving of a 4 star rating.

Technical Details

* Avery classic labels now available in an easy to use pad – designed to go anywhere you go!
* Compact 3″ x 4″ design means easy storage and accessibility.
* Pads are clean and efficient, with less waste.
* Durable backing card lets you write directly on the pad
* Just write, peel, and stick.

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